“Drink Me”

I had a thought the other night that my brain elaborated upon in the early morning– the part of the morning most people without kids only see when they are out with friends.  The thought came during that dream phase where your eyes are open but  the rest of you is stuck back in wherever it was before you were forced to reality. I was feeding Killian and the thought came to me that he must have drank the growing potion out of Alice in Wonderland, and the potion was in my milk.  My exhausted brain couldn’t figure out another reason why my smallish newborn was kicking my curled up legs out of the way so he could spread out. He just seems to be growing taller; not more plump, only length.

When I woke up for the day, I decided that something had to be done about this. None of his pants were fitting him around the waist in the 3-6 month range, but the 0-3 month clothes were simply too short. So, I did what any first time mother (and probably second and third time mothers, too) would do– I got on Pinterest. I found two super cute instructions for boy leggings. Leggings because comfort was essential, and they go with all those onesies that I had for Killian. I then bought fabric, thread, and 1″ elastic at Joann’s (although I found much cuter/cheaper fabric here), took out my sewing machine and stared, horrified. I had no clue what any of the knobs meant, and my toolbox that attaches to my machine (the one with the seam ripper and manual) had been lost for a couple of years. I then tried to convince myself  that pants on babies was a luxury rather than necessity.

Quick story time about my sewing experience: My Grammie had me and the other older girl cousins for about two weeks over at her house during the summer for two or three years to teach us how to sew. Under her direction, and with the help of a seam ripper, I was able to make pajama pants, shorts, a shirt, and a couple of skirts. I learned fancy sewing terms, got a small sewing kit, and was quite proud of myself for finishing the class with so many products. It felt to me like the majority of my time was spent asking for help with the machine that I somehow broke (again) or the seam ripper (because I am not the best at paying attention while sewing). My sewing class in school was basically a repeat of the summer experience, only I got graded for it.

IMG_1655So, as I stared at my sewing machine, wishing that my Grammie, crafty sister-in-law, or sister (who could make my machine produce miracles) were there, I decided to cease panicking, and relearn my machine. I Googled my machine’s manual, and learned the knobs. Then I Youtubed my machine to find out what numbers to put those knobs on. Then I set to work on the pants.

I made ones with hems first, using a pair of Killian’s 3-6 month pants as a guide IMG_1644for length, and his 0-3 month pair for the waist. The fabric that I got was a jersey knit, and was stretchier than I had planned, but after phoning a friend calling up my sister-in-law, I got the confidence to start. I finished the first pair an hour and a half past the time the pattern claimed, but I was proud of those leggings! They were more stretchy pants, and were a bit snug about the waist, but the were actually wearable! *Happy Dance!*

For the second pair, I decided to make cuffs on the bottom so that they would fit a bit more snug. I basically used this pattern for the cuffs only, and the first pattern for the actual pants. The second pair took much less time, and although I messed up the cuffs, I am pleased with the results.IMG_1654

I now have the confidence to tackle more leggings with super cute fabric, and bedding for the nursery. All without a seam ripper. Which I may purchase soon. Wish me luck!

One more picture of Killian in the “leggings”

Any sewing tips/experiences out there? Please comment and let me know I’m not the only one this happens to 🙂


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