Life Lately…

It’s been a while! Ok, it’s almost been a year. But in my defense, we moved and I was pregnant so that sapped most of my creative juices (what little I had to begin with, haha!). So let’s play catch up one post at a time…

On October 31, 2013 my husband, Sean, and I bought our first house! It was horribly ugly on the outside– mustard yellow with brown trim– and the inside wasn’t much better. It’s a duplex built in the 80’s and we decided to take on the project of remodeling it.
We couldn’t move inside because one unit looked like someone gave birth on the carpet, and the other one was a smoker unit, so we moved into the garage. We began by ripping up the carpet in the bigger unit  so that we could rent that one out ASAP. I took on a second job and 6 credits from BYU-I that semester, and Sean was working late hours most days, so we worked late into the nights. We cooked our food mostly in the crockpot and ate it while sitting on our only two chairs in the whole place. Here’s a picture of our garage- homey, right?

 See that nice big screen TV? That was our only form of down time in between remodeling. So, of course it got stolen the first week we lived there. How some thief knew to look in the garage of a trashed house I will never know, but it definitely was not a great “Welcome to the Neighborhood” present. With our TV gone, we became more crabby productive.
After ripping up the carpet, we set into the linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom. That stuff didn’t want to come off, so we hacked at it a while before discovering that it was asbestos….ooops. So we put on masks, opened windows so that the freezing November air could keep us alive, and finished as fast as we could.
After the walls were painted and the floors were in, we moved into that unit so that we could have a cozier Christmas. While living in that unit, we finished the little things like painting the trim and touch-ups, while simultaneously tearing up the kitchen and bathroom in the other unit. Because it was a smoker unit, all the wood work had to go, and we had to prime with Killz to trap in the nicotine stains and smell of tobacco before we could move in.
We were very blessed and able to get renters who were fine with the yard lacking love, and we hurried to get flooring in at least the kitchen and a toilet in the other unit before switching to that unit to live in. We are still in the process of remodeling it, as it still lacks two doors and several cabinets as well as countertops, but we are making progress!
It has definitely been a new and exciting experience filled with learning curves and paint smudges, and we look forward to finishing it and starting on a quadplex soon– just not too soon.


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