Self Absorption

In my college class recently, we debated the question of whether or not writing about yourself was self-centered or narcissistic. It caused to me to ponder, especially since I had just started this blog, and no one wants to be labeled a narcissist. I eventually came to this conclusion.

Perhaps it is somehow self-centered or narcissistic to write about ourselves. Maybe the idea that our story will be, or at least should be, of some value to the world is giving ourselves too much credit. But if we choose not to write it for fear of being a narcissist, then the world loses a valuable perspective; one that we see from daily, and wish others to see from as well. 

I submit to you, accordingly, that it is not self-centeredness, but self-worth that propels us to tell our story. By writing a personal narrative, we are acknowledging that we are one perspective among many great and diverse ones, and that we all matter. 

A self-centered attitude dominates attention, while self-worth inspires humility. Therefore, a narcissistic attitude will not allow the author to simply add his/her perspective to others, his/hers would have to be the perspective. 

But what do you think? Do you believe in sharing our own stories and lives, or only allow others to share them for us?

2 thoughts on “Self Absorption

  1. I love to read someones story's. Its history. Just think what we would not have if the Pioneers or the military of any war didn't write anything down? That's just 2 examples. Keep up the good work.


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